Votsalo Suites


Σκάλα Ποταμιάς, Θάσος, 64 004



  • Air – Condition
  • Parking
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • TV
  • Espresso Machine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Hair Dresser
  • Safe
  • Private Pool

In Ammos suite , experience the ultimate hospitality through a range of amenities that are offered at Votsalo Suites.

The room Ammos, offers complete comfort thanks to the ideal layout and extent. Your private pool is located a few steps from your private entrance.On the lower level of the suite, one will find the kitchen, the bathroom, a separate dining room and a comfortable living room with access to the courtyard of the complex. Going up to the second level, you will find a relaxing bedroom in which there is a specially designed workplace.

Experience a unique accommodation experience, enjoying the various amenities and comforts of Votsalo Suites.

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