Votsalo Suites


Σκάλα Ποταμιάς, Θάσος, 64 004

6 Day Experience


Discover Golden Beach

Arriving at Votsalo Suites, feel comfortable from the first time and after relaxing in your suite, you can head down to the beach Golden Sand.
A beach, which has a golden sand, which took the name of, and crystal clear blue waters. The staff of the Votsalo Suites, gives you the chance to enjoy a swim, having private umbrella for each one of the suites, in front of the apartment complex Studios Giannakis.
You can also explore the beach Golden Beach which is the follow-up to the beach of Golden sand, discover its beauty and relax in a beach bar, or in a quiet corner along the beach.
For the end of the day, you can visit Skala Potamias, the area which Votsalo Suites is located. Take a stroll along the beach and to visit one of the many available shops, taverns and restaurants.


Saliara, an exotic beach

After a good night's sleep in the peaceful surrounding of Votsalo Suites, you can start your day full of energy and head to one of the most famous beaches of the island, the beach Saliara – Marble Beach.
Saliara Beach, or otherwise Marble Beach, is an exotic beauty beach with turquoise waters and white sand. To reach the beach you will be driving on wide dirt road which leads to a park before the beach.
After enjoying your day at the beach, you can head north to Limenas, to know the capital of the island and to admire the beauty of the ancient civilisation of Thassos. You can visit the ancient city, the ancient theater and the archaeological museum of the island which is one of the most important in Greece.
Then you can either dine in one of the numerous restaurants and traditional taverns of Limenas, or to experience traditional hospitality with a visit to the picturesque village Kazaviti. Visit the village and enjoy traditional cuisine in the shade of plane trees.


A real paradise

On your third day discover the beaches of the eastern side of the island, that are the most beautiful in Thasos along with those of the south part of the island.
Starting from the Golden Coast, head on the beautiful sandy beaches of Koinura, Paradise Beach and the renowned Alykes beach. Each one with its own distinctive charm, fills you with images and scents of the Aegean Sea.
Then you can drive to the mountain villages Theologos and Potamia,, visit traditional cafes and tavernas and to admire the sunset, in a breathtaking scenery.


Relax at Votsalo Suites

The fourth day, after three days filled with exploration and adventure, you can enjoy your stay at Votsalo Suites.
Enjoy the rich benefits of your suite, and relax on the inside, or the garden. Cool off in your private swimming pool at any time of the day you either turn on the shared grill assembly and enjoy a barbecue.
Alternatively you can head to the taverns of the village and enjoy fresh fish and seafood next to the beach.


Giola, a natural pool

After a day of relaxation, get ready for a new experience. Visit Giola, a stony, natural pool of rare beauty in the southern part of the island. The access, involves walking on a dirt road but the beauty of the landscape truly worth it.
Then visit the beach of Psili Ammis and enjoy a relaxing swim in the clear blue waters.
An excellent choice for food, is the village of Potos, which offers a plethora of options for both food and entertainment of all kinds.


Sunset in Thassos

On the sixth and final day of the guide, visit the western part of the island. Start from Limenaria, that is equally beautiful during the day and in the evening, offering numerous options.
Then head to the village of Skala Maries Village and enjoy the beach Atspas, a small cove with crystal clear waters and white sand.
You can also visit the mountain village Maries, in the square of which you will find many traditional tavernas. You can admire the beautiful sunset, which is said to be one of the most beautiful on the island.


Live Thasos, the green island
and enjoy breathtaking, unforgettable moments!

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