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Terms of Use and Data Protection.

The present Privacy Policy applies to www.votsalo-suites.gr, owned and operated by Votsalo Suites apartment hotel. The present Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use the information, which may include personal data, which you provide on our web site www.votsalo-suites.gr.

You may visit our web site without revealing your identity and without providing any of your personal information. In order to use our services it is necessary to give us some of your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail and if you pay by credit card (only in reservations via Booking.com), all the necessary card details.
Your credit card is being used only for the specific transaction which you asked for. Moreover, the details are not archived and of course cannot be used by us, in any case.

The protection and administration of your personal data are bound to the terms of the current section and governed by the Greek law and the EU law (L. 2472/1997 for the protection of personal data, P.D. 207/1998 & 79/2000, Article 8 of L. 2819/2000 and L. 2774/1999 of European Law (directives 95/46/ΕC και 97/66/ΕC).

Votsalo Suites, apartment hotel, would like to let you know that your personal data will not be used without your approval and it is not going to be published, exchanged or sold to anyone for any reason, but only in case that this is demanded by the court, the police or other ministerial offices according to the current laws and legislation.
Our website makes use of Cookies.
Only adults are allowed to use our site except for the case that young kids have their parents’ consent.

We collaborate with Booking.com B.V., located at Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, The Netherlands (www.booking.com) (hereafter Booking.com) to offer you our online reservation services. While we provide the content to this website and you make a reservation directly with us, the reservations are processed through Booking.com. Therefore, the information you enter into this website is also going to be shared with Booking.com and its affiliates. This information may include personal data such as your name, your contact details, your payment details, the names of guests traveling with you and any preferences stated while making the reservation.

Booking.com will send you a confirmation email, a pre-arrival e-mail and provide you with information about the area and our accommodation. Booking.com will also provide you with international customer service 24 hours a day, from its local offices in more than 20 languages. Sharing your details with Booking.com’s global customer service staff allows them to respond when you need assistance. Booking.com may use your data for technical, analytical and marketing purposes, as described in the Booking.com Privacy Policy. This includes that your data might also be shared with other members of the Booking Holdings Inc. group of companies for analysis to provide you with travel-related offers that may be of interest to you and to offer you customised service. If needed under applicable law, Booking.com will first ask your consent. If your data is transferred to a country outside the European Economic Area, Booking.com will make contractual arrangements to ensure that your personal data is still protected in line with European standards. If you have questions about the processing of your personal data by Booking.com, please contact Booking.com.

Votsalo Suites holds the right to change the present Privacy Policy, anytime in the future, while keeping its official site updated with all the possible upcoming changes, always according to the present or future legislation.

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